Tested to the Limit

I was kindly invited as a 'plus one' to a private shakedown of two Volkswagen Polo R5 rally cars, hosted by Yuasa. The drivers Osian Pryce and BRC Champion Matt Edwards held little back during their time on the gravel stages in Carno. The ever-changeable Welsh weather resulted in a mix of wet and dry conditions for an added challenge. Mercifully, the sun dried out much of the course and made for some epic dust storms left in the driver's wake.

After the drivers and co-drivers acquainted themselves with the course and the car, the guest passengers were invited to take a ride. The Yuasa sponsored car, piloted by Matt Edwards would take each of them on a five kilometre stretch of the forest roads at full speed. Between these runs, service stops kept the technical teams busy and allowed time for the dust to settle before testing resumed. With each service stop came small setup changes that allowed the cars to be pushed harder with each passing run. The particularly harsh, loose brick sections and numerous crests required some tinkering to perfect.

Below is the full gallery of the day for your enjoyment. Many thanks to Richard for inviting me along to the event, as well as Yuasa for hosting the experience. Find out more about Yuasa here.

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